Monday, August 21, 2017

That was a good trip!

Well that was zany!
All went well, fun dinners in Olympia, Lakewood, wedding outside of Seattle where I had to build the kitchen (with help thank goodness, that oven weighed a ton!), suppers in Coeur d'Alene and Billings, fest in Minot and strange esoteric dinner/performance in Minneapolis.
Performing and cooking and plating on the same event is a bit of work but so far so good.
Here's an easy recipe, you could modify for a fried PB + J or anything but I did it with almond butter..
made this for my breakfast in Billings...
get some nice bread and spread with almond butter and huckleberry jam, adding vegan cream cheez or something nice like Chao slices, then fry the sandwich in coconut oil or vegan butter til browned on both sides and cut in half. Here I also took kreem cheez and mixed with seasonings and made little uncheez balls for my salad.. usually I add a little mustard powder, cider vinegar, truffle seasoning and maybe a few drops of liquid smoke and make the balls then roll them in herbs

In Minot the most noteworthy thing besides my wacky performance with Sanctuary of Sound was the vegan haggis which they devoured... for this I cook up a rich batch of polenta and a mix of garbanzos and white beans or red lentils, onion, garlic, etc. And I mash it all up in a pot with a little liquid smoke,salt and pepper, broth, some truffle oil, a little turmeric and oil until it seems good. Then I wet rice or tapioca wrappers and set them in a large crock, fill with the bean mixture and then place more wetted wrappers over this to make the stomach lining. I keep it warm to steam for a bit, then take more of the wrappers and fry them in hot oil til they puff up and drain these on absorbent paper then sprinkle with smoky salt and crunch them up to make cracklins to add to the festivities...
There was a place in Indianapolis that did a veggie haggis out of legumes but they sadly did not make the lining, which is a pretty easy endeavour as it turns out...

also noteworthy, I convinced Maria to mix half black rice and half sushi rice for our sushi for the festival and it looked beautiful... please do try this at home...

The Minneapolis event involved two sold out seatings and two performances of what turned out to be sort of a comedy-horror dinner theatre. Although there was some more serious spiritualist/esoteric element to it I suppose, will do again. Still waiting on other peoples' photos but here is some Martian writing to tide you over.
Technically it's backwards as I was behind a curtain shining a light through the paper to reveal the lettering from behind so people would just catch glimpses of "automatic writing". Helene Smith would probably be excited that people are still talking about her alphabet to this day...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lammas post 1 and music-related things

I have a fun dinner party tonight that is Lammastide themed
and will put up a recipe and photo tomorrow.
I have an oddball chanting/folk"singing" and experimental
act I have been doing for years.
I do skits, poems,costumes and whatnot for it and this concept I
call "Newstalgia" where I make some of the songs seem of
indeterminate age and origin and put them out there.
Here are some actually about Lammas for the dinner especially,
with a couple of extras thrown in there... usually I don't exactly
carry the tune all that well, so there's that...

and here's the general group- includes some funky folk songs,
Sumerian ritual (lol) and re-imagined yowling hymns and spells...

free to stream
songs are pay what you want for actual download
albums are $1 or whatever you want
gotta spread this stuff around,
a lot of it makes for good campfire entertainment!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Several Upcoming Events

Hey There!
I have several events coming up on the annual trip across the North.
I will put the menus if I know them after the dates and links, a lot to
They are:
* well first, July 26 my band Select Sex is playing at the Redwood in
downtown Los Angeles with Kaz Mirblouk and Rats in the Louvre
at 9pm...
* July 30, Lakewood, WA- 3pm late lunch, get in touch with me
directly if you wish to attend.
* August 1, Olympia, WA- a Lammastide-themed dinner party at
6:30 pm, with fun songs about the dishes and the season by yours
truly plus storytelling with Elizabeth Lord. Get in touch with me
directly if you wish to attend.
* August 9, Billings, MT- an informal gathering we will play games,
eat, drink, talk, tell stories. Get in touch with me directly if you want
to get together.
* August 11-13, Minot, ND... Why Not Minot Fest #8!- I'll be
cooking all weekend, peddling some snacks, doing the buffet on
Sunday and also performing as Joshua Plague's Sanctuary of Sound
at the evening show on Sunday the 13th... info and schedule here:
* August 16th, Minneapolis, MN- Through the Ether: A Very
Strange Evening of Food, Esoterica, Performance and Weirdness
at The Future get tickets here:
there are two seatings (both with full performance and dinner) for
this,the 9pm still has seats, the 6:30 is close to sold out!
* And a little later on, I will be tabling cookbooks, zines and art at
Les Femmes Underground Film Festival Sept. 2nd in San Diego,
will be a lot of other tablers, films of course and art, should be fun!

* Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms
* Flatbread Roulade w/ Roasted Carrot Puree, Kreemed Garlic 

Spinach Dip, Garbanzo Pate
* Cantaloupe, Basil, Vegan Prosciutto & Roasted Red Pepper 

* Unfish Taco Bar
* Cannelini Hummous w/ Crudites and Chips
* Big Old Salad
* Pistacho & Almond Baklava
* Strawberry Pies & Coconut Kreem
* Iced Tea, Agua Fresca & other beverages

Olympia, including performance programme:
 • Wine, an amusing themed cocktail and non-alcoholic version 
thereof, agua frescas, herbal tea punch with seasonal fruit to drink

• Sun Pies of Corn & Sunflower, rich and wonderful, a variety
of seared and lightly dressed tomatoes, herbs, arugula.
"Even As He Wanes"

• Sorghum Bread wrapped in Zucchini Bacon and Stuffed with Leek 

Pesto, Sweet & Spicy Bothe Sauces of Roasted Chilies and Peppers.
"Bringing In the Corn"

• Grape Leaf with Roasted Mashed Hominy & Legumes, Lightly 

Breaded and Browned As it Please the Cook, Grilled Truffle Eggplant, 
Seasonal Fruit & Wine Chutney, Dill-Garlic Sauce.
Served with an amusing Wine Cocktail (or pious alternative).
"Press, Bladder & Witches Ladder"

• Turnip Scallops as the Sea Lord Commands, Baked Apples, Kreemy 

Colcannon with Roasted Cauliflower, Turmeric Sauce.
"Sand Candle Song"

• Strawberry Shortcakes & Coconut Kreem, Strawberry & Blackberry 

Compotes, Strawberry-Blackberry Ice Kreem, Mint.
"Straw Dolly"
with Storytelling by the talented Elizabeth Lord

Minneapolis, with performance programme:
 * A wonderful salad of various greens, special tomatoes,
roasted seasoned chickpeas, "chevre" balls, pickled peppers,
carrots & radicchio with a chokecherry vinaigrette will be
at table to enjoy throughout the evening.

* A Raising of the Spirits- call to the other worlds of the
nine planes with an invitation to dinner.

* An amusement of seasoned olives, tomatillo
on crispy potato crostini, roasted cauliflower dolmathes
with lemon dill sauce, savory & spicy cacao truffles.

* The Fog of Knowledge- imbibe the vapor of intelligence
as the oracles of old.

* Soup is Served- a delightful melon gazpacho with fresh corn relish,

mint, spices and juice of the tangerine.

* The Plasmic Form- imbibe the essence of all matter and anti-matter.

* Seasoned Rice & Plantain Cakes, Roasted Red Pepper & Cashew 

Sauce, Turmeric Seared Summer Squash & Taro Root-Sweet Potato 
Tempura with Asparagus a la Martien.

* The Wisdom of Mars.

* Delightful Strawberry-Blackberry Shortcakes of Sorghum with
Fresh Berries, Compotes of Both & Creams of Both.

* The Duality is Manifested.

* Benediction & Cocktail.