Monday, September 11, 2017

Vegan Yogurt Parfait with Easy Stovetop Crumble

This is my favorite dessert lately, not too sweet.
Way too easy to make pie crumbs on the stove top
it only takes a few minutes.

1/2 C. flour or sorghum flour (or ground nuts or combo)
1 tsp.sugar (more to taste)
pinch salt
2-3 Tbsp. coconut oil or margarine

1-2 C. vegan yogurt or coconut cream with lemon juice and a
  little sugar and salt

1 C. or more fruit of choice (I like peaches or blueberries)

Toast flour in a dry pan for about 1 minute, stirring (do
medium or med-low heat). Add sugar and salt.
Stir one more minute, add oil/margarine and stir about until
it forms crumbs. Stir here and there for a couple of minutes,
making sure it doesn't burn until it looks nice and toasty.

Lay a Tbsp. or so in the bottoms of 4 cups. Add some fruit in
each(1/8 portion per cup),then 1/4 of the yogurt in each on
top of that,reserving a little bit for the tops. Next add the
rest of the fruit,then the rest of the crumb mixture, and then
a dab of the yogurt on each.
Makes 4
I definitely like it best with the crumbs still warm.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Another Cookbook Throwback

This one  came out a few years ago...
This Ain't No Picnic! Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook...
yes, the name comes from the Minutemen song

it's fun... cool photos, zany commentary, nice layout, photography
by Vice Cooler and Dalton Blanco
comedy, nostalgia, mocking of nostalgia, playlists and weird ideas
some great others just weird.
There's a pit key for the cover, a nod to Mad magazine of course.
Also has commentaries by fashion historian Monica Sklar, Nacheez
creator and purveyor of vegan utility Ilsa Hess, bay area punk icon
and Berkeley political wonder Jesse Luscious, Punk/Horror/Trash/
Awesome film connoisseur and author Zack Carslon, punk
auteur and anarchistic maestro Eric Ingrate
plus design by Meggyn Pomerlau and so much more!
Get it from your local bookstore...
or Microcosm here...
Also usually pretty cheap at Amazon if you have a leftover card...
In the cover photo,which was taken from above in the kitchen of the
warehouse in LA I was living in at the time, we had a real pit going and
I was afraid they were going to drop me.
Pretty much the cute pitbulls in here make the book.
Don't burn your fingers making the smores..
Top stuff! Hahahahaha!

Monday, August 21, 2017

That was a good trip!

Well that was zany!
All went well, fun dinners in Olympia, Lakewood, wedding outside of Seattle where I had to build the kitchen (with help thank goodness, that oven weighed a ton!), suppers in Coeur d'Alene and Billings, fest in Minot and strange esoteric dinner/performance in Minneapolis.
Performing and cooking and plating on the same event is a bit of work but so far so good.
Here's an easy recipe, you could modify for a fried PB + J or anything but I did it with almond butter..
made this for my breakfast in Billings...
get some nice bread and spread with almond butter and huckleberry jam, adding vegan cream cheez or something nice like Chao slices, then fry the sandwich in coconut oil or vegan butter til browned on both sides and cut in half. Here I also took kreem cheez and mixed with seasonings and made little uncheez balls for my salad.. usually I add a little mustard powder, cider vinegar, truffle seasoning and maybe a few drops of liquid smoke and make the balls then roll them in herbs

In Minot the most noteworthy thing besides my wacky performance with Sanctuary of Sound was the vegan haggis which they devoured... for this I cook up a rich batch of polenta and a mix of garbanzos and white beans or red lentils, onion, garlic, etc. And I mash it all up in a pot with a little liquid smoke,salt and pepper, broth, some truffle oil, a little turmeric and oil until it seems good. Then I wet rice or tapioca wrappers and set them in a large crock, fill with the bean mixture and then place more wetted wrappers over this to make the stomach lining. I keep it warm to steam for a bit, then take more of the wrappers and fry them in hot oil til they puff up and drain these on absorbent paper then sprinkle with smoky salt and crunch them up to make cracklins to add to the festivities...
There was a place in Indianapolis that did a veggie haggis out of legumes but they sadly did not make the lining, which is a pretty easy endeavour as it turns out...

also noteworthy, I convinced Maria to mix half black rice and half sushi rice for our sushi for the festival and it looked beautiful... please do try this at home...

The Minneapolis event involved two sold out seatings and two performances of what turned out to be sort of a comedy-horror dinner theatre. Although there was some more serious spiritualist/esoteric element to it I suppose, will do again. Still waiting on other peoples' photos but here is some Martian writing to tide you over.
Technically it's backwards as I was behind a curtain shining a light through the paper to reveal the lettering from behind so people would just catch glimpses of "automatic writing". Helene Smith would probably be excited that people are still talking about her alphabet to this day...